The chalet is rented only its entirety. It is furnished and equipped to host a maximum of 10 persons. One single individual will be the contact person for the entire rental.


All prices are in euro.

Payments are done by bank transfer on the designated bank account in France, and shall be originated from a single bank account. The bank account number will be provided at the time of the booking.

Any bank transfer fee is due to the booking party. Le Rocher Blanc is not liable for any bank fee related to the reception of the booking. The customers must ensure that the bank transfer delays will be compatible with the required payment timing requested for the booking and final payment.

No debit or credit card payment is accepted.


Le Rocher Blanc does not offer any cancellation insurance or any other insurance. The customers are responsible for making sure they are covered by the necessary insurance policy during their stay.


Any booking must be done using the booking form and with a down payment equal to 30% of the rental price. The booking is confirmed by email as soon as the bank transfer is received for the down payment.


The final payment must be received no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the rental period in order for the booking to be fully confirmed. We will contact you as soon as the bank transfer of the final payment is received.

We reserve the right to keep the 30% down payment and cancel the rental if the final payment is not received at the due date.


It is possible to book the chalet less than 4 weeks prior to the rental start (provided availability) by paying the full rental price at booking time. The booking will be confirmed when the payment is received.


Cancellation must be done by mail. Cancellations done over the phone will not be considered.
We will retain the following cancellation fees :
For cancellations 4 weeks or more before the planned rental start :
Full refund.
For cancellations between 3 and 4 weeks before the planned rental start :
No refund of down payment. Refund of the remaining payment.
For cancellations between 2 and 3 weeks before the planned rental start :
No refund of down payment. Partial (80%) refund of the remaining payment
For cancellations less than 2 before the planned rental start :
No refund of down payment. Partial (40%) refund of the remaining payment
No show on start of rental:
No refund of any payment.


The rental starts at 4 :00pm on the arrival day and must be freed by 10 :00am on the departure day. The rental starts on Saturday and ends on the following Saturday. 


A 500 euro deposit is requested at the delivery of the keys. Any minor damage or abnormal deterioration will be deduced from the deposit. The deposit (minus potentials deductions related to abnormal deteriorations or damages) will be returned when the customer returns the keys.

Important note: the keys of the rental will not be delivered without a deposit.

While minor incidents may happen, those should be notified immediately to avoid any deduction from the deposit. Any problem that will not have been notified before the end of the rental will result in a related deduction from the deposit.


Customers will be invoiced in whole for any major damage caused to the facilities or to its land beyond 500 euros. The invoice will be claimed to the customer by mail or by judicial means. In case of a loss of activity caused by those damages, the customer will be invoiced for this loss of rental activity.


Le Rocher Blanc will not pay and damage or compensation of any sort to customers, and are not liable for any change, restriction or cancellation due to circumstances outside their control. Those include and are not limited to war, civil war, terrorism, natural or nuclear disaster, public transportation or utilities inefficiency, fire, strike, robbery or hooliganism.

Le Rocher Blanc is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to customer belongings during the stay in the rental.


All customers, regardless of their nationality, are due to adhere to the French law, to behave in a civilized and respectful manner, and not harm anyone staying or working in the rental vicinity.

Le Rocher Blanc is not liable for and will not provide any assistance to customers violating the law, and will have the right to cease immediately the rental with immediate departure of the customers and without any reimbursement.


Please contact us as soon as possible for any complaint so that we can address it as soon as possible. Any complaint raised more than 28 days after departure will be considered null and void.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the chalet.


No pet is allowed in the rental.


Customers are responsible for the snow removal around the chalet using the snow equipment (shovels) provided with the rental.

Please keep in mind that important accumulated quantities of snow may fall from the roof, and to prevent anyone from staying in those places where snow unload from the roof may happen.

Le Rocher Blanc is not responsible and liable for any damage that would incur to people or goods due to snow falls.


The dishwasher must be emptied and glasses, pans, pots, tableware and cutlery must be stored properly. Sheets must be put in the designated bag.

If the chalet is not returned in a proper state, a minimum amount of 150 euro will be deduced from the deposit.


Feel free to contact us for any question on that section.

Services included

  • > Enjoyment of the chalet for 7 days
  • > Final household
  • > Sheets
  • > Firewood
  • > WIFI access


For booking information contact us